Travelling to festivals, concerts and events overseas



Travelling to festivals, concerts and events overseas

Travelling overseas is exciting. Travelling overseas to enjoy a specific event is even more thrilling. All over the world there are festivals and celebrations to enjoy that would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. And there’s something to plan for every single month of the year. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this calendar we’ve created for you, invest in some hardwearing luggage sets and plan your itinerary.


From 28th December to 28th January you can head off to Dubai for the Dubai Shopping Festival. This is the largest shopping and entertainment festival that happens in the Middle East. The entertainment factor includes fashion flash mobs, live raffle draws and celebrity performances. Alternatively pop over to Thailand for the Full Moon Party on KohPhangan. This party is a dancing festival which attracts visitors from all over the world. It happens every month of the year and you can expect to be surrounded by around 10,000 to 30,000 people at each party.


The New Orleans Mardi Gras happens 13th to 17th February each year. New Orleans is a dream destination for many and Mardi Gras is when you can truly experience the rich and diverse culture of the historically intense American South. Enjoy the French Quarter, book yourself in to stay somewhere on Bourbon Street, wade through the bayou, investigate the Voodoo shops and have a chat with a Voodoo High Queen. Alternatively, at the same time from 13th to 18th February you can head further south to Brazil and enjoy the annual Rio De Janeiro Carnival.


From the 4th to 11th March you can up your style game at Paris Fashion Week where you’ll hob nob with celebrities and designers alike. Or, up your soul game by visiting India for their Holi Colour Festival.


Coachella Valley Music Festival happens over two weekends in April. The dates for 2017 are the 14th to 17th or 21st to 23rd and this festival happens at the Empire Polo Club in Indio California. This festival is teaming with celebrities and you’ll be treated to the best that the current music scene has to offer. On the opposite side of the world in Thailand they’ll be celebrating their New Year (or Songkran) so if you’d rather spend your holiday lounging with a cocktail seaside then head over there.


If you want to get out of South Africa as winter approaches then head over to France for the Cannes Film Festival from the 13th to 24th. On the 24th, you can head down to Monaco to enjoy the ever-popular and world renowned Monaco F1 Grand Prix.


We’ve heard the stories of Woodstock and how the most free-spirited partied wildly with the theme of free love. Nowadays there’s the Glastonbury Festival which looks like Woodstock, sounds a little like Woodstock and the crowd is similar too. From the 24th to 28th June each year, this incredible festival takes place and it features the best of the best in contemporary rock. While you’re over enjoying the best Brit rock festival head down to London City and take in some of Wimbledon which occurs between the 29th June and the 12th July.


If you’re one for music then July has two festivals on the go, both in Europe that’ll set your soul on fire. For a phenomenal dance festival jet off to Belgium and enjoy two days (24th-26th) of the best DJs at Tomorrowland Festival. Or make your way to Switzerland (3rd-18th) for the uber sophisticated Montreux International Jazz Festival.


From 7th to 31st Scotland hosts the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This will cater to all your theatrical needs and push the boundaries of what’s considered classical theatre. Want to see a post apocalyptic techno dance styled Romeo and Juliet? You’re likely to find it at this festival.


September month offers up two festivals that are famous for the culture they offer any visitor. From the 31st August to 7th September Burning Man Festival takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The community that gathers is a culture unto their own and their ethos is based on The Ten Principles that were developed specifically for this festival. Alternatively, set up home in Germany and indulge in all the decadence and festivities that the German culture offers up during Oktoberfest, from 19th September to 4th October.


October is a quieter month around the world. It’s the change of season and the biggest celebration happens on 31st when Halloween is celebrated. The best place to be? America. Halloween is a big deal over there. If you want a nice long trip then make sure you get there before Columbus Day on the 12th and then delight in the horrors of Halloween on the 31st.


In November you have the choice of heading east or west and both sides have something delightful to offer. On the 1st and 2nd November you can have the time of your life at the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico. Or make your way in the opposite direction and enjoy the F1 Grand Prix in the luxurious Abu Dhabi on the 29th.


It’s Christmas time so you’re allowed to go wherever you want to enjoy this festive season. But if you’re looking for something truly spectacular to experience over New Years then cross the ocean to New Zealand and soak up the beats at their Rhythm and Vines Festival running from 29th to 31st.