A checklist for your winter road trip

winter road tripwinter road trip
winter road tripwinter road trip


A checklist for your winter road trip

Planning a holiday in winter might seem a little counterintuitive. Holidays are a summertime adventure for most. However, the winter season can provide you with an amazing getaway if you allow it. The thing with winter holidays though is that they require a lot more planning and packing. You have to be prepared for every possibility and safety is paramount because weather during the winter season is certainly more volatile than during the summer months.


You should create a checklist before embarking on your frosty journey

This is the best way to ensure you have everything you need. Even more so should you be travelling with your kids in tow.

You can start with what to pack clothing wise and then move onto toiletries, extra comfort items such as blankets and snacks for the car. Because of the cold weather you are likely to need more clothing to keep warm. Depending on where you’re going you might be considering long johns and thermal underwear, you’ll definitely need a winter coat and a parka for outdoor activities. And you can’t leave the house unless you have a pair of boots packed or already on your feet. Be sure to pack comfy and warm pyjamas too because even if you happen to spend your time in the cool glare of the winter sun, it will certainly be averaging on freezing at night.


Plan your destination and any spontaneous round trips

South Africa has many hidden gems. Be sure to plan your route and book your accommodation in advance but always have a little extra in the kitty for that spontaneous overnight stay somewhere magical. When road tripping, this is likely to happen - there’s no point in embarking on an adventure that doesn’t see you exploring and discovering new places, people and things. Cash is king, especially in small towns where there might only be one ATM and the little arty cafes and corner shops operate only with cash. What’s more, if you find yourself heading to a specific destination but begin exploring its surrounds and want to stay into the evening to attend their local night market or the like, you must have the freedom to do so. A road trip that’s too structured is limiting.


Ensure that your vehicle is prepped

Be aware of the type of terrain you’ll be travelling on and make sure your vehicle can handle it. If you plan to take a route that includes some 4X4 trails then your Ford Figo is simply not going to make it and you should rather look at hiring a vehicle. Also, make sure to have your vehicle checked and its safety verified by the experts. If possible send your car in for a full service, make sure you do a oil change and check the battery. What’s more, put new tyres on your car before you leave. It increases the cost of your trip but it’s worth it for safety reasons as you need the proper treading to see you through potential torrential thunderstorms.

If you decide to take a fairly long road trip all around the country then make sure to have your car checked on the road. Whether you find yourself up the West Coast or in Pretoria West, make sure to book your vehicle in with an auto electrician at at least one pit stop along the way.

winter road trip