Comprehensive insurance for a secure new year

Indwe - Comprehensive insurance
Indwe - Comprehensive insurance


Comprehensive insurance for a secure new year

As we start a brand-new year, make sure you have peace of mind with the correct insurance coverage. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is securing the path ahead. Begin your year with confidence by reevaluating and optimising your insurance cover to ensure a worry-free and secure passage into 2024.

“Commencing the year with a thoughtful review of insurance policies is essential. This step allows individuals to address outdated or redundant coverage, streamlining protection for a more secure future,” says Peter Olyott, CEO of financial services provider, Indwe Risk Services (Indwe).

Insurance checklist:

  1. Evaluate whether your current coverage meets the demands of the new year. Consider life changes such as a new home, additions to the family, or shifts in your professional life. Adjust your insurance accordingly to ensure comprehensive protection.


  1. Smooth financial transactions are crucial for uninterrupted coverage. Check premium due dates and consider setting up reminders or opting for automatic payments to facilitate hassle-free transactions.


  1. Confirm that your designated beneficiaries are up-to-date, reflecting current relationships and circumstances. This small but crucial step enhances the effectiveness of your insurance coverage.


  1. Understanding the scope of your coverage is paramount. Take the time to comprehend any policy exclusions or limitations. Seek clarity from your insurance provider for a transparent understanding of what is and isn't covered.


  1. Familiarise yourself with deductibles and co-payments to make informed decisions during claims, eliminating surprises in critical moments.


  1. Assess potential risks or vulnerabilities in your property to enhance protection and instil peace of mind. This proactive approach ensures your home is secure and well-protected.


  1. Reflect changes in vehicles or driving habits in your car insurance policies. This guarantees comprehensive coverage tailored to your current circumstances.


  1. Keep emergency contact details handy and understand the claims initiation process for swift responses during unforeseen events.


  1. Review the current uninsured risks with your insurance provider to ensure that your changing needs are taken into account when evaluating whether you need the cover or not. An important example of this is personal cyber cover for families who make use of electronic banking, social media platforms, email and of course online shopping. For a relatively low premium one can gain protection from certain cyber exposures including money being unlawfully taken from your bank account.


“There is no one size fits all in insurance, and partnering with a company who takes the time to understand the importance of comprehensive and tailored insurance cover to suit your unique needs is integral in protecting your future,” says Olyott.

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