Top reasons why you should buy a pre-owned vehicle

pre-owned vehiclepre-owned vehicle
pre-owned vehiclepre-owned vehicle


Top reasons why you should buy a pre-owned vehicle

Looking for a new car can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. You likely have a list of all of your needs (and wants) in a car but are not sure where to start looking. You might find that a BMW pre-owned vehicle is the right choice for you, as it meets the high standards set by the manufacturers. Whether you choose a pre-owned BMW for sale or a Polo Vivo, pre-owned is always the best choice.

When you are shopping for pre-owned cars it is important to note that the car would have undergone a stringent inspection. This makes it more reliable than second-hand cars and also means that these cars will still have a portion of its, or an entire, warranty remaining. So, if you have applied for car finance and are looking for the perfect car for your driving pleasure, read on below for some reasons why a pre-owned vehicle is your best bet.


Less depreciation

While a pre-owned car is not in the same bracket as a used car, it will still experience less depreciation than a new car. Additionally, you will be getting good value for money while paying a lower price than you would for a new car.

Usually, a new car will lose up to 11 percent of its value as soon as you leave the dealership lot. And after twelve months, the vehicle will have depreciated by up 25 percent, meaning that you will have lost all of this value. Pre-owned BMW cars, or any brand in fact, will depreciate less than a new car. You will not have paid for an expensive car only to lose your investment within the first four years.


There is still warranty coverage

Now, you might be thinking that pre-owned cars for sale are the same as used cars in that they might not have a warranty, but you will find that the opposite rings true. Manufacturers and car dealers who sell pre-owned vehicles will ensure that there is a portion or the full warranty left on the vehicle before putting it up for sale.

Some certified pre-owned (CPO) dealers offer extended warranty options, meaning you can extend the current warranty if necessary. You will need to speak to the dealer about specific prices and fees that are included with an extended warranty, as these could differ according to different dealers. Choosing a car that still has a remaining warranty will save you money and give you peace of mind that you are covered for all eventualities.


There is a wide selection available

When you are looking for the perfect car, you should never have to settle for something that does not meet your needs. With pre-owned cars, you will find that there is a wide selection to choose from.

The models available are usually only three to five years old, meaning that they are in good condition and have been well-cared-for. This also means that you have more models to choose from, such as the latest Ford options or the most recent BMW models. For those interested in brand new vehicles, you will find that you are limited to the models that the manufacturer has released recently, making for an expensive purchase.


You can afford a luxury vehicle

Some of us like to enjoy the finer things in life, such as luxury vehicles, and if you are one of these people, you can afford a luxury model if you decide to buy a pre-owned car. This is because the prices are highly affordable while the models are still in good condition and are considered to be “like new”.

However, it is always important to speak to the dealer about any other fees or extras that you will need to include in your budget. For example, you might have to add on an extended warranty fee or insurance. These costs will make your overall expense a bit higher, but in the long run, the affordability is much more than it would be than if you were to buy a brand new car. Think about it like this: a brand new Ford Figo will set you back at least R200 000, whereas a 2016 model in the same line will only cost you R130 000.


Final thoughts

A pre-owned vehicle is arguably the best choice if you are looking for affordability as well as a recent model. You will find that these cars experience less depreciation than their new counterparts and will still have warranty coverage left or offer extended warranty options. There is a diverse selection of cars available to you and you can afford that luxury model you have always had your eyes on.

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