What to look for during a car inspection

car inspectioncar inspection
car inspectioncar inspection


What to look for during a car inspection

When you buy a new car, one of the most important steps of the buying process is performing an inspection. This involves looking at both the interior and the exterior of your car, such as the tyres, the engine, and the seats and condition it is in. But it can be tricky to know what you should look out for during this inspection.

When you are looking for used cars for sale in KZN, it is important to have a list to bring with you when performing an inspection. Most car dealerships in KZN will help you with the process, but knowing what to look for can help immensely in making a decision about a car. Not sure where to start? Below is a handy list of what to look for during a car inspection.


Does the paint pop?

Now, this part of the inspection is easy but it is essential. When looking for cars for sale in KwaZulu-Natal, start by looking at the body of the car. Does anything pop out at you as looking wrong or inconsistent with the rest of the paint or bodywork? This could be signs of accident damage or repairs.

You should feel along the edges of doors and the body itself to find any roughness or areas which feel different to the majority of the car. You will also need to keep an eye out for rust, but this is fairly easy to spot. For those who are new to searching for used cars in KZN, take along a friend, as they might notice something you have missed. This is useful for looking out for rust and possible paint job issues.


Watch out for the windshield

The windshield is a vital component of your car. And if it is cracked, chipped or broken in any way, you should consider looking at another car. Another aspect to look for is a loose seal, as this could cause your windshield to fly out when you stop abruptly, which can be highly dangerous for yourself and for other cars.

Ask the dealership if there have been any repairs made to the windshield of the car you are interested in and how these were fixed. If the entire windshield was replaced, be sure that the seals are fitted, closed and not loose. Do the same for the electric windows, ensuring all glass is safe and secure. A tiny crack in a windshield can easily become much larger over time, so be sure keep an eye out for any small cracks or dents in the glass.


Keep it level

Your next port of call in your car inspection should be the suspension. Take note if the car is sagging or if it is slumping on one side. This means that the suspension has been damaged or has not been recently replaced. One effective way to test this is to push the car down on each corner and see how many times it rebounds.

If it rebounds more than once, this means that the shock absorbers are not in good condition. Listen for any clicking noises when doing this and keep an eye on the tyres to check for any movement. If a suspension joint is broken, you will need to fix it as soon as possible, which will add to your car finance costs. You should move on to another car which has good suspension. Take along a mechanically-minded friend and ask them to check the suspension both before and after your test drive.


Check out the tyres

The tyres of your car are vital. And you should ensure that they are in top condition before driving off into the sunset in your new ride. If the tyres have uneven wear on them or if one is older than the rest, this will affect how smooth your ride is and will cause damage to the rest of the car.

You will need to check the alignment of the tyres and fix this as soon as you purchase the car. To check the alignment, watch in which direction the car pulls while you are driving down a two-lane road. This will work for cars with and without power steering. If it pulls gently to the left, there is no cause for alarm but if the pull is strong to the left or right, then the alignment is off. Another effective way to check the tyres is to take note of the wear and tear on them when compared to the mileage of the vehicle.


Insist on an inspection

It is important to remember that you should always insist on an inspection when buying a new car. This way, you will be able to buy a well-kept car and ensure that everything is correct and in order before buying any of the cars in KwaZulu-Natal you have your eye on.

Start by looking at the paint and the windshield, then move onto the suspension and the tyres. Be sure to bring a friend along or ask a professional mechanic to come with you and look the car over.

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