Top tips for protecting your children while on the road

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Top tips for protecting your children while on the road

As parents, you want to keep your children safe from all danger. But when it comes to cars, there is even more danger. You have to ensure that they are properly strapped in and will not be moved around or thrown if you have to suddenly use the breaks. You will also need to ensure that they do not cause you any distraction while you are driving by providing them with games and entertainment while they are in the back seat.

If you have bought your car from an approved car dealership, you will have been able to fit your carseat into the back when you tested it. If you are looking for a new car, you will need to ensure that you test this feature out as soon as possible. Below are some top tips on how to protect your children while on the road.


Always use a seat belt

The seatbelt in your car is one of the most important safety devices to use when driving with children. You will need to ensure that you use it for car seats, young children and older children, and be sure your teenagers buckle up despite their complaints that it might wrinkle their outfit.

There might be times when you are in a rush or your child does not want to use the seatbelt, but you must always ensure that you use it. And you need to teach your children how to correctly use the seatbelt so they can use them easily and efficiently. Keep your seatbelts in good condition and ensure the mechanisms are not sticky or rusted.


Check your car seat

Before you head off on your next family adventure, you will need to be sure to check that the car seat is still stable, not loose and is properly secured. This might mean that you have to take it out and reinstall it in the same manner as you tested it at the approved car dealership, but this is certainly worth the time and effort.

If more than one child will be with you, you will need to assign seats before the journey. Ensure that older children are not sitting too close to the car seat, as if they move around too much, it could become loose. A set seating arrangement will also mean that you are not distracted by arguing children while your drive, which is important to any road trip or journey in a vehicle.


Safety lock windows and doors

If your car has a safety lock function on the windows and doors, you will need to implement this whenever your children are in the car. This is because car window glass is strong enough to strangle and hurt children who close the windows on their necks or fingers accidentally.

However, if you do not have this functionality, you will have to instil strict rules, such as no playing with window winders and controls while the car is in motion. You should also ensure that the child lock for your car doors is on when your children are with you, as opening a car door while the car is in motion can be extremely dangerous.


Keep a first aid kit

If there is one thing that every parent knows, it is that children are prone to injuries no matter their age. If you already have one from your approved car dealership, you can add more items to it that are suitable for children and any accidents or injuries that might occur in the car.

You should include all medication that your child takes daily, as well as children’s versions of allergy medicine, pain relievers, bandages and antiseptic creams. Be sure to place this kit in an easy-to-reach place but ensure that your children cannot find it and open it to play with the important items. Keep this kit in a cool place.


Make more rest stops

You might have a strict schedule in mind of when you have to reach your destination, but with children, a road trip or a longer journey needs to have flexibility. You should plan to have a rest stop every two hours, or every time your child needs to use the restroom.

Look out for playgrounds and parks while you drive so that you can stop off here and allow your children to play and the rest of your family to stretch their legs. Plan it so that you will still arrive on time but feeling rested and relaxed after a road trip with your children.

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