The benefits of buying a 4x4 vehicle in South Africa

4x4 vehicle - South Africa4x4 vehicle - South Africa
4x4 vehicle - South Africa4x4 vehicle - South Africa


The benefits of buying a 4x4 vehicle in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with roads that lead to magical destinations. But not every vehicle is equipped to explore all the views and adventure it has to offer.

For this reason, and many others, it’s beneficial to have a 4x4 vehicle if you’re living in South Africa. If you enjoy weekend getaways, bundu bashing, driving along the coast, being in the mountains, going out to the farms or doing anything remotely adventurous, then this article will be your motivation to buy that 4x4 from the used car dealership in Gauteng and surrounds.   


Perfect for road trips

Taking a roadtrip around South Africa will take you through different terrain, show you new landscapes every few kilometres and take your breath away. There will always be something to see, something to do and somewhere to eat along the way, even when you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. And the best way to fully experience a road trip is to pack your camping gear and pitch a tent at the various locations along the way.  

When this is something you do more than once a year, then you should consider investing in a 4x4 vehicle that can provide the space and comfort for your gear, belongings and allow you to take the roads less travelled for a bit of an adrenaline rush. 4x4s are easier to manoeuvre and operate on various terrains. And if you’re making your way around South Africa, you’re bound to drive on some not-so-acceptable roads.

You can also choose your 4x4 to accommodate the size of your family or group of friends. This way, everyone can come on the road trip, have space for their belongings and join in on the adventure. Keep your family’s requirements in mind when you’re browsing for 4x4 vehicles at pre-owned car dealerships, as it would be a waste to buy a vehicle that isn't able to accommodate your family members and their equipment.


Access to South Africa’s 4x4 trails

If a standard road trip is too “boring” for your taste, then invest in a 4x4 vehicle for what they were built for: 4x4 trails. With the right vehicle, you are gaining access to South Africa’s 4x4 trails that require experience, patience and guts.  

You could include these 4x4x trails into your road trip if you wanted to or make them the purpose of your trip as some of them can take up to a few days to complete (you’ll definitely need your camping gear). Here are some of the best 4x4 trails this country has to offer:

  • Namaqua 4x4 Eco-Trail: This is said to be the longest 4x4 route in the country. Your terrain includes mountains, riverbeds and sand plains along the Orange River. It’s 600 km long with a grading of two to three. It’s said to take you around 54 to 72 hours to complete.  
  • Luvuvhu: The Luvuvhu 4x4 Trail is in the Greater Kruger National Park from Phalaborwa to Pafuri, and requires a low-range, high-clearance vehicle to complete. It’s a five day and four-night camping and 4x4 trip where you’ll have the chance to spot South African wildlife as you cross rivers and navigate through the bush.    
  • Riverwild: This is where you go for three to five hours of recreational 4x4 adventure driving in the Weltevreden Valley. There are nine trails for your to complete with a grading between two and four which accommodates different 4x4 driver expertise.
  • Three provinces: Starting in Volksrust, the Three Provinces 4x4 Trail has various routes of different lengths to suit the adventure you’re looking for. There is a 34 km and 70 km to 100 km trail and the “Three Provinces” is derived from the fact that you reach the three provinces beacon on these trails. At the beacon is where KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Free State meet. Along the way, there are other activities to enjoy such as clay pigeon shooting, canoeing, horse riding and more.

4x4 trails should be your primary motivation for browsing and buying a 4x4 adventure vehicle. The above four trails are only a small taste of what South Africa can offer to test your technical off-road skills.  


Towing capabilities

If you have a trailer or caravan that you tend to use often, then you would also benefit from buying a vehicle that includes the towing capabilities of a 4x4 vehicle. Especially if you have horses that need to be transported regularly, a 4x4 is a safer and sturdier option for you and the horse.

These are all great reasons to look for your first 4x4 car to buy get a feel for the 4x4 life. But you should only buy one if you know you’re going to use it for what it was designed for, and not only for the urban jungle. You can find another cheap second hand 4x4 cars for sale in South Africa for that.

4x4 vehicle - South Africa