Beat Jozi's traffic with these few tips

Jozi's trafficJozi's traffic
Jozi's trafficJozi's traffic


Beat Jozi's traffic with these few tips

Commuting in and out of work every day certainly requires a strong, positive mindset. As we all know, traffic is a waste of precious time. It’s frustrating too, especially when you have somewhere to be. Even more frustrating? Having to get in touch with your car insurance after becoming involved in an accident. But, whether the traffic jam up ahead is caused by an accident, construction work or general day-to-day rush hour, you need to learn how to handle these situations to save you time. Sure, you might not be able to leave your seat, but you definitely can maximise your time by planning or practising the following habits:


  • Plan your route according to the traffic

If you drive the same route to work every day, try to switch things up and try a new option. Alternative roads might be longer in distance but less painful in stop-go traffic, so it’s up to you what you’re willing to spend your time on. National roads are used every day for travellers across Johannesburg. Some travellers cannot necessarily cut these roads entirely out of their route, but you can work around them and cut through suburbs to try and shorten the time spent on a longer road. If you’re travelling elsewhere after or before work, another tip is to analyse the different routes on a GPS device to see which is the quickest route to take. Take this advice and get to know your city.


  • Don’t tailgate the person in front of you

More often than not, traffic jams can lead to further accidents. The reason for this is because people are not focused in traffic. Either they’re on their phones or busy doing their makeup so that they forget to take their foot off the pedal. To ensure safety, even at a standstill, make sure to leave a car’s length between your car and the car in front of you. Keeping your distance can give you enough space to move into another lane if there’s a nasty accident nearby or a dangerous situation you need to escape.


  • Try to calm down and avoid further frustration

As mentioned, sitting in traffic causes plenty of frustration as it is, so in times like these, try to calm yourself down by practising mindfulness. Many people try to practice yoga in the car to destress them and help them calm down before they arrive at the office for a full day of work. This type of frustration can lead to anger, but violence and road rage is never the answer. The faster you realise that you cannot change the traffic unless you leave earlier or try different routes, the more relaxed you will be on your trip to work. Do not allow yourself to become even more worked up by someone else’s driving skills.


  • Park somewhere and go for coffee

This is not always realistic, especially when you have to get to work, a family to go home to or other places to be. But if you do have the time to stop, relax and enjoy a coffee while you miss the traffic, try to do so. This will help you to relax and reflect on your day. If you choose to do this in the morning, and you’re able to work flexible hours, you can use this time to catch up on admin-related tasks and work remotely for a few hours.


  • Make sure your car is correctly maintained and has enough fuel

It is always advised that people who travel long distances do regular maintenance checks on their cars. The reason for this is because your vehicle suffers plenty of wear and tear. Make sure that before you drive to work or drive home, you have enough fuel in your tank. You never know what the traffic will be like, and the last thing you need is to be stuck in a situation where you’ve run out of petrol on the highway. If you are stationary for more than 30-minutes, best you switch off your vehicle to avoid fuel wastage. If you do not switch off your vehicle, and the waiting time is less than 30-minutes, pull up your handbrake during intervals. This will preserve your clutch and save your fuel consumption.


  • Try not to ride your clutch during the traffic

On the back of the previous point, monitor your driving behaviour in traffic. It’s easy to pick up lazy habits when you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic but try to be patient. Do not ride your clutch as that will lead to excessive wear and tear, and soon after a service. If you do not switch off your vehicle, put your car into neutral and pull up your handbrake for the duration of your stop.


Final words

All of these traffic tips play a role in the condition of your vehicle. If you’re considering visiting car sales soon for a new vehicle or looking at used cars for sale in Pretoria at InspectaCar in Centurion, make sure the car has a complete vehicle history available for you to view. Cars that aren’t looked after and struggle through traffic every day are likely to have higher mileage and require constant maintenance and repair. So, if you want to receive a good return on investment when selling your vehicle, before buying a new one, be sure to look after and care for it.

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