How used car dealerships can take advantage of social media

car dealerships - social mediacar dealerships - social media
car dealerships - social mediacar dealerships - social media

How used car dealerships can take advantage of social media

Owning a car dealership is a competitive industry for business owners. From advertising to customer service and employee satisfaction, there are various things that go into a successful business. However, in a digital-driven world, more car dealerships should be focussing on their digital presence.

While traditional marketing is still worth your while, digital marketing and social media is where the majority of your customers are situated. If you are struggling to reach customers, both online and in-store, here are a few social tips to consider when it comes to advertising used car dealerships:


  • Focus on people

Many business owners get so caught up in marketing that they forget about the people. Conversations and connections are the start and finish of any successful business. Nearly every type of business can have social media, but if it’s not growing your ‘fan base’ then what is the point? You need to adjust your mindset to reflect one where social media is not just another marketing tool, but rather an opportunity to speak to your customers. Use it as a platform to connect and share information that is relevant to them.


  • Build your social presence strategically

Having a strong social media presence won’t necessarily convert customers when you have a poor website to support your brand. Before you build your social media pages, make sure you have a strong website presence already, maintaining the same consistency throughout the different platforms. You will also need to learn which platforms work best for your business and customers.

Remember that the people who are searching for new cars are not guaranteed to know much about cars and dealerships. So, as an expert, it’s your job to leverage the information you have to give your customers understandable insights into the automobile world. From news and information to car tips and ideas, keep the conversation going and take advantage of hashtags where you can. Even if your customers aren’t looking to purchase a new car right away, connecting with them and keeping a consistent flow of information that is educational will keep you at the top of their minds whenever they do decide to invest in something new. Or even when they decide to recommend you to someone else.


  • Follow many people

Most companies create social pages and expect people to find them and follow them. If you’re a local dealership which wants to become known in the area, you need to follow people and connect with people on a daily basis. Not only will you spring to mind when new customers are looking for used cars for sale in Gauteng, but it will give you the chance to maintain relationships with your loyal customers and keep the conversation going. The more you interact with ‘random’ people, the more you’re growing your funnel.


In the age of social media, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be investing in the latest CRM platforms and tools to keep up-to-date with every digital conversation that relates to you. You need to be connected to your digital touch points so that every time a customer contacts you, you can respond immediately.

Keep up with competitors by utilising these social tools and plugins to help boost your sales.


  • Hire a social person

Outsourcing your bigger marketing jobs makes financial sense, however, hiring a social media person for your day-to-day business tasks is an important consideration. It’s a position that requires constant attention. With such a demanding role to play, you won’t be able to keep up with advertising the different cars for sale in Gauteng, and actually making sales at the same time. So, if you’re looking to slowly build a powerful team of individuals who can drive your bottom line, then your next hire should be someone who understands the digital space.


  • Look for social ROI

Because of the nature of the business, it’s going to be difficult to see your social return on investment in the beginning stages. Many businesses reap incredible benefits from having a strong social presence, but like anything else, it takes time, patience and energy to see good results. Social media has the power to grow your business through word of mouth or social engagement, so wait for those moments and don’t give up. If you’re following the trends, keeping up with the latest tools and communicate on a daily basis with content that is relevant and consistent, you should be able to see a change in the first few months.


Final words

The future of marketing is online. With consumers having instant access to a mobile device, it’s a no-brainer why you shouldn’t be targeting this group of individuals. The used car dealerships industry is extremely competitive, so growing your business online is just another opportunity to up your game and keep competitors on their toes. Take the plunge and make the most of the digital space for your business.

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