Tips for selling your car privately

selling car privatelyselling car privately
selling car privatelyselling car privately

Tips for selling your car privately

If you are interested in selling your car privately, you might be thinking that the process is a daunting and confusing one. However, private car sales are not as difficult as you may think. You will need to gather the right documentation and you will need to keep your wits about you when it comes to potential buyers. To make this a smoother process, read on below for some handy tips on selling your car privately.


Gather the right documents

You will need to have the right documents at hand when you decide to sell your car privately. Not having these documents ready could mean that you have to make extra effort to gather and print them when you do have a potential buyer, which could be off-putting to the buyer.

The documents that you will need include the following:

  • A roadworthy certificate. You cannot sell your car if you do not have this document, which can cost anywhere between R350 to R500.
  • The service history. This is what is also known as the log book.
  • Proof of ownership. You need this so the buyer can transfer ownership when they do buy your car.

Once you have these documents ready, you will be able to look for potential buyers with more ease and confidence.


Evaluate the car’s condition

The condition of the car plays an important role when trying to sell your car. Buyers will be looking for a car that does not require them to put in too much extra maintenance, so be sure to inspect the car both inside and out.

You will need to make a list of all the mechanical and cosmetic issues, no matter how minor they may be. This list should be given to all potential buyers so they are completely aware of what they are getting into. If you find any issues that could affect the price, look into repairing them before you advertise your car for sale. Knowing the exact condition will eliminate any surprises for both you and any potential buyers.


Clean and fresh is always best

Once you have evaluated the full condition of your car, it is time to ready it for sale. This means ensuring that it is clean both inside and out. You could opt to clean it yourself, but this can take time and money.

Investing in a visit to a professional valet service is most likely your best option, as they will make the exterior of your car sparkle and the interior of your car smell like it drove off the dealership’s floor that day. Potential buyers will be extremely put off if you show them a dirty, dusty car so be sure to clean your car before you advertise it anywhere.


Set a fair price

If you want to set a fair price for your car, you can use a car finance calculator for the make and model of your car to find out the market value. You could also ask a dealership in your area what they would offer for your car if they were selling it.

It is important to remember that buyers will most likely try to negotiate for a lower price, so be prepared to allow for some wiggle room with the price. This negotiable price should not just allow for cutting hundreds off the price, but rather it should allow for R1000 (at least) lower than your asking price. This is because a car is a big purchase and many buyers do not want to pay as much as they would at a dealership for a private sale.


Viewing or allowing a test drive

Because you are selling your car yourself, you will need to be very wary of allowing people to view it at your home or take it for a test drive. The buyers should come to you at a place of your choosing, rather than you driving to meet them.

If they ask for a test drive, which is a reasonable request, then be sure that you are in the car with them at all times during the test drive. Always bring a friend or family member with you for safety and to be the voice of reason if the buyer tries to offer a much lower price for the car. The best place to meet someone, if you do not want them coming to your home, is a garage as there are CCTV cameras and they are usually busy at all hours of the day.


Final thoughts

When selling your car privately, whether it is to someone who is using it for business car leasing purposes or personal use, it is important that you have all documents ready beforehand. This is because some documents may take a while to arrive or print out.

Once you have the documents, you will need to inspect your car thoroughly for any damage and ensure it is sparkling clean for the buyer.  To set a fair price, do some research about models similar to your car and set it slightly below these rates to attract potential buyers. Preparing yourself before the sale will ensure your car fetches a fair price to help you purchase your next great ride.

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