How to choose the right car dealership for your needs

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How to choose the right car dealership for your needs

So, you are interested in buying a car but are not sure where to even start looking? The very first step you will need to take will be to find a dealership that suits your needs. You will need to decide what you are looking for from the car dealers in Gauteng, whether it be an all-around experience or a simple exchange of money for goods. Below is some advice to help you choose the right car dealership for your needs.


Look for up-front information sharing

One of the most important aspects to look out for when choosing a car dealership is whether or not they are willing to share information up front. Some dealers refuse to provide pricing or quotes without providing a deposit or a written offer to purchase, while others refuse to even advertise their prices online.

You should also make sure that the dealership is willing to provide you with a trade appraisal upfront, with no obligation included. Some dealers refuse to offer a trade appraisal until a client has taken a test drive, put a deposit down or signed a ‘buy today’ agreement. Avoid these kinds of dealerships at all costs: you are not obligated to purchase a car simply because you made an enquiry.


Service with a smile

Service is key when searching for a car dealership, and even the most experienced car shoppers need guidance from sales staff. Look out for staff that goes the extra mile when helping you, such as contacting car insurance companies on your behalf to ask for quotes.

Informed client care will allow you to choose the car of your dreams, and having good client service will help to achieve this. Good service will allow you to reach a solution to your problems easily and without incurring any unnecessary expenses. If a dealership has surly salespeople or if they do not fully listen to your requests, then it is best to look elsewhere for your car.


Are they honest?

Honesty ties in with service and communication, which will be outlined below. Once you enter a dealership, speak to the sales staff a little before jumping into looking at cars. If they tell small lies upfront in order to sell to you, you can expect to hear more lies as the buying process continues.

One way to test their honesty is to arrange your financing ahead of time, and go to the dealership but do not mention this fact to them. See if they try to arrange finance for you, and if their interest rates are higher than what you currently have, they may be trying to earn a profit at your expense. While this may feel ‘dishonest’ it is an effective way to test the honesty and integrity of the dealers.


Communication is key

Good communication is essential between consumers and businesses, and car dealerships are no exception. You will need to find one that communicates with you on a regular basis, and ensure that all communication is clear and accurate, especially if they send you documents or a contract to read over.

Make sure to shop at a dealership that answers your calls, texts and emails timeously, and does not leave you waiting for responses for days. Good dealerships will answer all of your questions to the best of their abilities, and will not try to persuade you to buy a car that does not meet your needs. The salespeople should be willing and able to provide you with any information you request, without obligation fees attached. They should also be friendly and helpful when you arrive at the dealership.


Will they let you say no?

You do not have to purchase a car just because it is in front of you, and you will need to look for a dealership that will allow you to walk away without a lot of pressure. If they seem to be trying to persuade you to buy a car after you have already said no to it, it is best to look for another dealership.

Saying ‘no’ to a car is an important part of the process of finding your dream car, and a dealer should know this and be able to cater for these times in the buying process. Salespeople who do not listen to their customers or who try to force customers into saying ‘yes’ to the first car they expressed interest in are not good salespeople and you should be sure to take your friends or family members with you to keep your head level at the dealership.

The right car dealership can make buying your dream car a breeze, but it is important to look out for dealers and salespeople who are uncommunicative and dishonest. Your car dealer should provide you with information upfront, without obligation and should be willing to let you say no to any and all options he shows you.

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