The benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned car

certified pre-owned carcertified pre-owned car
certified pre-owned carcertified pre-owned car


The benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned car

Is there anything more exciting… or stressful than car shopping? In short, probably not, which is why it is important to know whether or not you should choose a used or a certified pre-owned car.

You may be wondering what the difference is between used and pre-owned cars. A certified pre-owned car is inspected according to the manufacturer’s strict standards, and carries a manufacturer-backed warranty that usually extends the length of the new-car coverage. This is what makes them different to a used car, and why it is a smart choice to choose one.


Only vehicles in the best condition qualify

This is one of the major perks of choosing a certified pre-owned car. Only cars in peak condition can qualify as a CPO vehicle. Late-model, low-mileage cars with a good vehicle history are preferred by manufacturers.

This means that you will be getting a fantastic deal on a good quality car that will last you for years to come. If the vehicle does not meet the manufacturer’s criteria, it will not become a CPO car, meaning that you will be buying only the best quality vehicle. You will also find that a CPO vehicle has little to no accident damage, saving you from having to repair old damage.


Wonderful warranties

Choosing a pre-owned car means that you will have better warranty coverage than you would if you chose a used car. CPO programs extend existing warranties, giving you coverage for a longer term.

A used car’s warranty has almost always expired, meaning that you have little to no coverage should something happen to your vehicle. If you are looking at the same make and model of a car but are having difficulty deciding between a CPO model or a used model, consider how long is left on the CPO warranty and whether or not the manufacturer offers extensions. This can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.


Multi-point inspection and reconditioning process

A CPO vehicle undergoes a rigorous multi-point inspection according to the manufacturer’s standards. This includes looking at the condition of the tyres, the brakes, the engine and other areas where there could be potential damage or issues.

Pre-owned cars can experience between 100 and 200 individual item checks, ensuring that by the time it is up for sale, it is in top condition. The reconditioning process involves fixing and replacing parts that are broken, making the car ‘like new’ when it hits the dealership floor. An MPI also gives you a complete history of the vehicle, including any and all services and repairs by the previous owner.


Roadside assistance is included

In many cases, roadside assistance is included with the purchase of a certified pre-owned car. While this may not be the case with every CPO dealer, those who do offer it enable you to drive around with complete peace of mind should something happen.

Roadside assistance includes free towing, rental car reimbursement and other benefits, should the CPO car break down during the warranty period. If you are planning to travel or have to travel for work frequently, having this roadside assistance is highly beneficial. A used car will most likely not have this perk attached to its purchase.


Not just luxury options

Now, it is true that luxury cars are seen by some as the pinnacle of success, but not everyone wants to own a luxury car. CPO programs offer more than stylish models, such as the Jaguar XF or the BMW X1.

If you prefer a zippy little hatchback, you will be able to find a CPO option.  You will find non-luxury brands, such as Kia, Honda, and Hyundai offering CPO cars with warranties and services that are on par with the luxury brands. Hyundai offers the most notable deal, offering the balance of the car’s original 10-year warranty to the buyer of one of their certified pre-owned vehicles.


Free maintenance possibility

Some CPO programs offer a free maintenance for a specific time period or mileage limit as part of the certification process. This benefit generally pays for oil changes and tyre rotations according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals.

You will also receive free vehicle inspections from the dealership as part of the free maintenance. However, not every manufacturer offers this option so be sure to find out if the car you have fallen in love with is from one who does. Having this free maintenance can save you a significant amount of money, and also contributes to your peace of mind should something happen to your car.


Final verdict

Choosing to buy a pre-owned car allows you have a superior quality car at a lower cost than a new model. Because only vehicles in the best condition can qualify, you will not be compromising on quality, and you will still be covered by a warranty should anything happen to your vehicle. Roadside assistance and free maintenance are often included as part of the purchase, saving you time, money and effort that can be used for other endeavours, such as a road trip in your new car.

certified pre-owned car