9 Things you should do at least once with your car

things to do - carthings to do - car
things to do - carthings to do - car


9 Things you should do at least once with your car

Cars are precious things in our lives and we are extremely dependant on them to be independent ourselves. Don’t take what your car has to offer for granted. Explore the wonders past fifth gear (or sixth gear if you’re fancy) and have some fun at the same time.


Parallel park

You can try and avoid it your entire driver’s life but you have to do it at least once (and during your driving test doesn't count). There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as attempting to parallel park on a busy street where there are crowds of people – who aren’t there to watch you but trust that they will probably start staring – and there you are going in and out, and in and out, until you either accept the fate of having your nose sort of sticking out into the road or you give up completely and park five streets down.

Or the opposite is true, where you’re a parallel parking champion and purposefully seek out the trickiest parking spots to show off your skills. Either way, you’ve got to do it.


Change your tyre

This isn’t a huge thing to do but it’s kind of considered as a milestone for any car owner – the day they change their own tyre – with Instagram posts of dirty hands, tyre wrench in the background and everything. So, when you do this be sure to document it and cross it off this list of things to do at least once with your car.


A car wash

There are two parts to this.

First, you have to go to a drive-through car wash at least once. Relive the excitement that you experienced as a child with huge brushes coming down on you from every angle… and then be slightly disappointed by how simple it actually is. At least your car will be clean.

Secondly, you have to give your car a thorough wash yourself. Inside and out, all crevices, tyre rims, sides of the doors (you shouldn’t have left that sweet in there) and all windows. You owe it to your car to do the dirty work yourself once in awhile. Or just once.


Hoot for no reason

This pretty much speaks for itself. You have to do it. And better yet, you’re going to love it.


Pump the music

Did you know that your car is a mobile karaoke bar? Play your favorite songs, pump the music and sing your lungs out. People will stare, some passersby may even join in, but this is something that really connects you and your vehicle. Even if it’s a pre owned car, there’s just something about car karaoke that bonds driver and vehicle. And your car is the perfect audience because it can’t judge you or tell people how bad you sound.


Play passenger

Not many car owners are comfortable with other people driving their cars but you need to experience what it’s like being a passenger in your own car.

You’ll appreciate your car from a different perspective and apologise to previous passengers for the squish. You’ll also be introduced to your backseat-driver side regardless of whether The Stig is in control of your vehicle or not.    


Car hide and seek

This game is super fun and definitely something you should do at least once with your car. Gather a group of friends and split yourselves into teams amongst a few cars. Set area boundaries and choose a time of the evening that doesn’t involve peak traffic or busy roads. Then off you go and play car hide and seek. Get creative with parking spots and disguising your car to not be found and win the game.

And if you consider yourself a professional, bring some snacks, it may take your friends a while to find you.


Go on a roadtrip

This is a must for every car owner. Save some money, grab some friends, plan a route and go on a road trip to explore South Africa. You and your car have not lived until you’ve done this together and precious memories are made during roadtrips.


Make a date

If you have a bakkie without a canopy at the back, then you have the perfect car for a beach date. Throw some blankets, pillows, pack a picnic, play some music (not your karaoke playlist) and stop by the beach to watch the sunset. But even with your hatchback you can have some date-night fun and watch the sunset somewhere or go to a drive-in cinema. Yes, they exist and they’re awesome and it’s great for getting out and doing something a little different.  


things to do - car