Revamp your used car

Revamp your used carRevamp your used car
Revamp your used carRevamp your used car


Revamp your used car

You’re excited to have saved money on a car by buying it pre-owned. There are just a few things you’d like to revamp to make it more your own and up to standard with the latest models. You don’t have to revamp everything at one time, carry it over a few months. That way you’re still being a smart spender.


AC and a Summer Breeze

You may not have been lucky enough to grab the used car that had AC but there is nothing stopping you from having an air conditioning system installed. If your used car does have built-in AC, then do yourself a favor and have it checked out and cleaned. AC is crucial during hot summer months and if your work requires you to be on the road all day, you’re going to be grateful for it. You also don’t end up waiting 30min for your windshield to defrost on those early winter mornings.

To top it all off, find a Summer Breeze or By-the-sea air freshener to hang up, attach or throw somewhere in your car. You’re going to need something to cover up the smell of the Big Mac you had in your car yesterday.



There’s no reason you can’t also be cruising along in traffic and pumping up your jams. Upgrade your entire sound system. Get rid of the in-dash radio and find a head unit compatible with Bluetooth connections for your phone to play music as well. Buy some new, yet affordable, speakers and enjoy clear sound and a hearty bass line.

The first electronic revamp, however, should be to install Bluetooth. For your safety and the safety of drivers around you, stay off your phone and use the Bluetooth system. Then you can consider speakers and maybe even a GPS navigating system if you’re one of those constantly-lost-on-the-road kinds of people.


Cover up

If you love your used Ford, then show it. Cover up with a windshield visor and steering wheel cover to protect it from sun damage. This car already knows what the sun is and the damage it can do, prolong its material’s life by covering and keeping it polished and clean. Scratches and “dings” are inescapable. If you have one too many on your car, then consider sending your car for a paint job. It’s quite a pricey venture but rather that then try matching the colour of your car with koki or nail polish.    

Invest in seat covers and new carpets if you find the interior design not quite to your taste. And to keep your chosen seats and interior accessories in your car, you should definitely consider having your windows tinted, to the legal opacity, and install a car tracker just to be safe.  


What about the rest?

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…” Well, one would hope so. Keep your wheels in check and think about buying some new rims to make them look a little fancy. Here you may have one up on the wheel rims of the latest models of your car.

Don’t forget about your lights. Yes, they’re working and doing their job by illuminating the road ahead of you, but are the light covers clean and clear? Plastic headlights tend to get the human equivalent of cataracts over years of use and all it takes is a bit of TLC to scrub them clean and clear. The “face” of your car will look a lot better and your lights will shine even brighter than before.

If you want this revamp to last longer than a month, make sure you keep your car clean. It’s the easiest way to maintain that “new” feeling and it doesn’t have to cost you anything if you do it yourself. The inside needs to be vacuumed, surfaces polished, windows cleaned, carpets dusted (washed if it gets really bad) and sides of the doors cleared and wiped down. And regarding the outside, the general wash and window cleaning will suffice, along with attention on cleaning the rims of your wheels every once in while (when they are no longer silver but black).


Something to remember about a car is that it’s an investment. Yes, you may have just bought this new used Ford but in a few year’s time you may be in a position to buy a new, new Ford. Everything that you have invested into your current car will play a role in its resale value (despite its natural annual decrease in value) and you could use this to put down a deposit on your next car.

Revamp your used car