How to market your car for a private sale?

car for a private salecar for a private sale
car for a private salecar for a private sale


How to market your car for a private sale?

No matter you how much you love (or hate) your car there comes a time when you need to sell it. Either it’s got a few too many quirks that you no longer find charming, or you want to upgrade to something different. You can either sell it off privately or trade it in at a dealer, but you’ll need to prep your car for the sale.

Selling your pre-owned car in South Africa can be a difficult task, depending on how you go about it. The car needs to be in perfect working condition, and if not then you need to disclose the issues to the buyer. It also needs to be in immaculate condition because if not you’ll find the buyer haggling you for a steep discount.

If this is your first car sale then you may want to know where to sell the car, how to go about the process, or if there’s anything else you need to do. Here are a few tips on selling your car privately.


How much is the car worth?

This is never an easy part of the process. You need to figure out how much the car is worth and how much you want for it. There is a big difference between the money you need for a new purchase and what you’ll receive for your old car – you need to be realistic.

Take a look at car websites and classified services to see what other sellers are charging. Don’t immediately look at the lowest or highest prices. Rather take a look somewhere in the middle and give yourself some wiggle room to negotiate. Be aware of the condition of the other cars being sold as well.


A few pieces to have ready before advertising

There are a few bits and pieces that need to be ready when your car goes up for sale. These aren’t just about fixing the car.

  • Have the service history book on hand.
  • Make sure the car licence has been renewed and is up to date.
  • If the car is currently insured, display the insurer’s name on one of the windows.
  • Be sure the car has been washed and all of the scratches have been dealt with. Don’t forget to change any light bulbs and the windscreen wipers.
  • Clean the inside of the car and remove all of the trash.


Display a “for sale” sign in the car window

Print or write out a sign with the price of the car and your contact details. Then, place it on one of the side windows or the rear screen. This is a great way to advertise, especially if you’re driving every day, as it’s free exposure to everyone else around you.

You’re going to want to include a few additional details on the notice. These should cover the make of the car, the model, and the year it came out. And if you don’t want phone calls in the middle of the night, then state which hours potential buyers can contact you.


Leave it at an autofair

Another way to sell your car is to leave it at a weekly or monthly autofair for the day. These are huge gatherings of car buyers and sellers that are looking to transact. These usually aren’t free and you’ll have to pay a daily amount to park the car, but it’s never expensive. Leave your car, go for some food, and hopefully, someone wants to buy it.

These autofairs typically happen on a Saturday or Sunday, which means you don’t have to worry about your car during your work hours.


The classifieds

The most popular way to advertise that your car is for sale is to list in on a classifieds website or in a newspaper. These places may charge a small fee, but it shouldn’t be more than the price of a sandwich. Thanks to these outlets advertising a range of other goods, they draw in many readers and are therefore ideal for your car sale.

Classified websites make the process of listing your car an incredibly easy one. You’ll be able to state the year, make, model, service history, upload a few pictures, and all of your contact details. They’re incredibly simple.


Selling your car should be a quick and easy process. South Africa has a massive used-car market that almost never sees a car on sale for long periods of time. As with anything in life, make sure you are safe and secure when meeting with a potential buyer. Be sure to meet somewhere that’s public and let people know where you’ll be.


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